Friday, 28 December 2012

There ain't nothing gunna stop me now, cause I'm almost there.

Helloooo again!

Hope everyone had an amazing christmas I know I did! Apart from having to work on the morning the rest of my christmas was great and the 3 days off I had were bliss, I even managed to buy all the things I needed and even start a little on packing. However this is now what my room looks like because of the packing ....

All I can say is .. Ooops? haha

Well I didn't think I had that many clothes but apparently my wardrobe told me different as I chucked it all over the bed and floor. I've now given up with just half my case packed ... no idea how I'm going to fit everything in .... I'll figure it out!

Day #21: Favourite sequel

Hmmm well. I have to say the Toy Story sequels are one of my favourites! I think Toy Story is so funny and the sequels are as good, which usually sequels aren't. But I do happen to love these ones. 

And Bullseye is the cutest :).

Well with only 8 days to go I am all sorted apart from the packing so it is getting ridiculously exciting now! I have my last day at work on the 2nd a bbq with the fambam and friends on the 4th then off the Auckland on the 5th to be ready to go to the airport in the morning of the 6th. Wow! Time is going to go so fast now because I am working half of it! 

Well until next time and I'll hopefully have a packing list or something for all of youuu that would like to knowww (Sinead and Rachel :P).

Have a magical day! x

Friday, 21 December 2012

It's a jolly holiday with Mary.

Hello :).

Can you believe its almost christmas! I've been so busy over these last few weeks of December and have been doing split shifts 5 days a week at work eurgh but this week I'm doing 6 days a week finishing on Christmas day where I have to work 10-3! Booooooo! Who wants to serve people food on christmas day when all ya wanna do is be drinking wine and eating food too :P.

Anyway I've paid my program fee and procrastinating packing .... oh no. My thoughts are .. HOW AM I GUNNA FIT ALL MY SHOES IN! :). So the only thing left to do my friends is pay my insurance yayyy!! And then I am off to the U S of A eeeeeeeeeepppppp! I think I'm going a lil bit crazy about this ... 

Well you all know how this goes now....

Day #19: Your favorite Pixar film

Well well this is easy peasy. I love them all haha! But I have to say Finding Nemo, Up andddd all the Toy Storys have to be my favourites :). Oh and Monster Inc. 

Favourite part of Toy Story right there ^ 

Ahhh I love Monsters Inc. 

Up is just soo  .... I love it. I loveeee it! Carl just reminds me of my grandad and he is so cute I just love Up haha. 

I don't think I have a least favourite Pixar movie soooo imma skip that one :)

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas! 
Have a magical day! xx

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?

Hello everyone!

So yesterday I went and got my visa! I went to the interview at 9am on the 11th and recieved my visa today in the post! So quick! 
Well anyway, I'll let you know exactly what I took to the interview. I took my DS2109 form, my academic transcript, my disney welcome package, a bank statement (as proof of funds), my receipt for my SEVIS fee and visa payment reciept, and my passports. 
They took from me the sevis and visa receipt, the DS2109 form, the online form I had completed my bank statement my passport my academic reference and one letter from disney.

So I got called up to the little interview window and it went a little something like this :

Me : Hiii!

American Visa Man : Hey, so you were born in England?

Me : Yes I was

American Visa Man : So one of your parents are kiwi?

Me : No I've been here 6 years now so I'm a citizen

American Visa Man : So what are you going to be doing at disneyworld?

Me : (I told him about the things I'd be doing)

American Visa Man : Okay well your visa will arrive in 2 to 3 days, and the only thing you have to do is make sure you tell all your friends about this and make sure you do the haka when you get there. Have a good day!

Me : Thankyouuuuu! Byee!

So it was really easy, not nerve wracking at all! And now I have my visa all I have left to do is pay my insurance and program fee and pack (eurghhh).

Now onto another disney day...

Day #17: Your favorite classic

Oh man I love them all, but I do have a special love for Dumbo and Fox and the Hound. I loveeee these films, elephants are my favourite animal and that is obviously why I love Dumbo, and Fox and the Hound is just so cute and is such a good story of friendship I love it.

Pink elephantss!!!!

It is very hard not to love every single disney film! However I'm just going to put two days into one and tell you my Least Favourite Classic as well.
This is quite easy for me just because I get scared by this film. My least favourite is Pinocchio.

Ahh I just don't like puppets they really freak me out and this film does nothing to squash that fear! Plus theres a big scary whale and boys turn into donkeys like what!!! Just plain creepy. I just .. no .. no I don't like it haha. 

Well until next time!
Have a magical day! x

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

They say if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true!

Hii :)

So nothing has really been happening at the moment, I have my visa interview next week so I'll update you on that next week, but for now I decided to do a post on what I will miss while I am away next year.

First of all which is pretty obvious but ...

My family!!!

Obviously I know they are never far away if I need them and hopefully they will come over for my 21st :) fingers crossed!

My dog

I'm really gunna miss this little critter jumping on my bed every morning. She is just so cute and cuddly it is definately going to be weird not having her around. 

Dying my hair all sortsa colours.

This may not seem like a big deal, but trust me I dye my hair like every time my mood changes its that often and I go from blonde to brunette back to blonde to red dip dyed to ombre, so I'm really going to miss not being able to have crazy colours in my hair. I guess I'll just have to stick with my mousy brown natural :).

My friends

Of course I'm going to miss my friends! Buuuut a couple of my friends are actually joining me in Florida in August next year to start their internship AWESOME! And hopefully my bestie is going to be visiting me next year for my 21st. Fingers Crossed guysss!

My bed!

Ohh how I will miss having a double bed! I dunno about you guys but I like to stretch out in my sleep and a single bed is just gunna suck. 

Having lots of free time, and money :P

I think that is pretty self explanatory haha!

However, I have so many new things to look forward to and so many new experiences waiting for me so yes I will miss these things but I also can't wait to get there and get started.

Now forrrr ....

Day #16: The first movie you saw

Welll, the first disney movie I saw happened to be The Jungle Book!
I love this film, and most of all I love the elephants in it. Elephants are my favourite animal and I think they are so funny :).  I love this film. 

The first one I saw at the cinema I think was either Pocohontas or The Little Mermaid with my nan :). 

Well until next time!
Have a magical day x

Sunday, 25 November 2012

What's around the river bend.

Hi guys :)

So I've had a very sad week this week! I said goodbye to my best friend Anna who moved to Melbourne! Atleast shes not far away and plus she said she may come visit next year for my 21st! Wahooo! 

We got up to some mischief in the last few dayssss .... 

If you guys are wondering where these were taken its a place called Cathedral Cove. Sooo beautiful!

Oh anyways back on the disney front :). I've booked my visa appointment for the 11th of December, kinda freaking out because I literally have only 5 weeks left in the country! OMG! 
So many things to do before I leave and so many people to see, but also so much money to save! How does anybody find the time! 

Day #15: Your favorite kiss

Ahhh, this ones a goodie! How can anybody choose their favourite disney kiss! 
I'm gunna say ..... Ariel and Eric in the Little Mermaid. 

My reasoning for this is because throughout the whole entire film that is what we are waiting and wanting to happen so in the end its like YUSSSS victory!!!! 
You agree? 

Anyway as I distracted myself from getting ready for work by doing a blogpost, I actually do need to go to work. 
So I hope you all have a magical day :) xx

Monday, 12 November 2012

I can show you the world.

Helloo everyone!

Today I received my FedEx package wahooo! Finallyyyy :)
This contains all my visa information and other various forms of info I need for my entry to the USA for my Disney international program!

So I'm getting ridiculously excited now its so close! All I need to do now is get my visa, get insurance and pay the program fee then I'm pretty much set to start packing. WOW!
I still can't believe that this is going to happen it is so surreal that I'm going to be working in the happiest place on earth for a whole year. Crazy stuff! 
On the savings front I've saved $3500 what whattt!!! That's pretty good for me I must say!

Last wednesday I went to see Mary Poppins with my mom in Auckland. Suchhh a cool show, I would definately advise you to go see it. It was ridiculously good, the set was awesome like a big dolls house that opened and moved around. Andddd Mary Poppins actually flew over my head at the end of the show, she pretty much flew over the whole audience, pretty cool right? All the actors were so good and so well suited for the parts they were so true to the characters it was great. So heres a little Mary Poppins clip to set it off :).

Ohh just one more thing, I have to pay $20 to get my academic record, I mean seriously! Uni don't you think you've taken enough money from me as it is!!! Sheeeesh!

Another disney day it isss ....

Day #14: Your least favorite song

To tell you the truth this was surprisingly easy for me, for any of you who have ever been to Walt Disney World then you will know what I mean.
The song I hate the most, which I cannot stand is "It's a small world". It is featured on one of the rides at disney and I swear it is the creepiest ride I've ever been on. 

I mean seriously ... I don't like it :( the little people freak me out. 
Please tell me I'm not the the only one who dislikes this haha :) 

I will be posting very soon about my visa interview so until next time!
Have a magical day xx

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Even miracles take a little time.

Hello Again! 
Yep I know what your thinking, two posts in one day? Girrrrrrrl this better be important!

Well someone must have listened to my pleas for my passport because lo and behold .... dun dun dunnnn it has arrrivveeedddddd :).
Wahoo wahooo wahooo!

Annndddd I don't look like a criminal in my photo bonus!

Okay thats all it is :)
Important enough? :P

Have a magical day x

When will my life begin?

Sooooo I'm still waiting for my damn passport!!!!! That is what this posts title is about because I feel like I've been waiting forever to get this passport back. They sent it me back because my photo was too old, I got a new one taken ....... I look EXACTLY the same!
Haha oh well :P
Well anyway thought I'd give you a lil update, I didn't want to do another post until I'd got it back but what the hell :).

University is over for me! Wahoooo! So now all I have to concentrate on is getting all my shiz ready for disney.
I don't know if I've told you guys this but ..... IM SO EXCITEDDD :).

Ohh time for another disney day! One step closer to leaving on my adventure!

Day #13: Your favorite villain song

I loveeee
Poor Unfortunate Souls - Little Mermaid
Be Prepared - The Lion King
Hellfire - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Disney villain songs are just so catchy and cool, you find yourself liking the villains just through their songs and then the rest of the movie you just love to hate them.

Well anyways! Hopefully next time I post I'll have my passport sent off and my visa documents will be on their way!
Have a magical day x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

With a smile and a song


Well just to begin, last week was the worst week everr!!! So this week I am dedicated to making it awesome, so with a smile and a song I'll start this week and everything will be great :). 

I have to get my passport sent off today, I am honestly going to do it ... stupid memory forgetting important things I need to do! I don't appreciate it.
Only 4 more assignments left for university EVER I am so excited! Aaaaaannnddd only 83 days till I jet off to Florida for my amazing year that is going to be at the happiest place on earth Ohhhhhhh my goodness, excited isn't even the word, have to say though I'm also a lil nervous at this point, god knows how I'm going to feel on the day! 
It will be a mix between this ....

Annnddd this ...

Hahaa oh dear :P. 

Right well before I go and post off for my passport (yes I will do it today), I'll do another disney day .

Day #12: Your favorite love song

Oohh disney love songs :). Now I don't know what you guys like but when I fall in love I'm expecting a disney love song as the theme tune playing in my head haha. 

So my favourite I have to say isssss

Tangled - I see the light 
Aww I love this song, I think Tangled has become my most favourite disney movie and this song is just so cute and I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO Me :P.

Soo anyways! Until next time when HOPEFULLY I have recieved my visa forms and welcome pack from disney (*please please please*) haha.
Goodbye and have a magical day :) x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Faint hearts never won fair ladies.


Soooo some exciting news! Two of my friends Sinead and Rachel have been accepted into the Disney ICP tooo! They begin in August and go for a year from then! How exciting!!!

In other news, emailed disney about my passport bio page, turns out they need a photocopy of a passport which proves I am a NZ citizen, (meanwhile I'm thinking WHY YOU NO TELL ME THIS EARLIER!)  soooo I have to send off for my New Zealand passport as I can't use my British one! This also means that I'm going to have to wait longer for my package! Boooo :(

I know Fozzie ... just how I feel. haha :) 
But I have gotten quite a bit of uni work done in between these posts Woop Woop!

So to pass the time, here is another disney day!

Day #11: Your favorite song

Ohhh well I love nearly every single disney song, I'll just name a few of my favourites.

Be Our Guest - Beauty and the Beast
You've got a friend in me - Toy Story
Just around the riverbend - Pocahontas
Oo De Lally - Robin Hood
Baby Mine - Dumbo
I'll make a man out of you - Mulan
I won't say I'm in love - Hercules
Kiss the Girl - The Little Mermaid
A Whole new World - Aladdin
Be Prepared - The Lion King
Spoonful of Sugar - Mary Poppins
Out There and Topsy Turvy - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Everything from Princess and the Frog, Tarzan, Mary Poppins and Tangled.
Oh my goodness just so many!

Disney songs are amazing! So uplifting and great it's basically like the soundtrack to my childhood I love love love them, and now it will be the soundtrack to my life. I have literally been watching disney movies every second I have free. I can't help it! Eeeeepppp! Come on rest of the year get a move on yo! :D

Have a magical day! Until next time!

Monday, 24 September 2012

I know every mile, will be worth my while.


I recieved an URGENT EMAIL this morning from disney saying that my start date is now the 8th of January not the 9th! Good job I booked my flights so that I land in Orlando on the 7th phewwwww! So it is now 94 days till I start the program wooop!
Apart from that I'm just waiting for them to send me visa info and all that jazz, so it's basically just a waiting game for me ..... me no likey. 

Ohh just an update on how much I've saved up to this point also, a big $2300! Considering I've never actually saved anything in my life this is a massive achievement! Go me! :) Atleast I've got something sorted in the way of money.

Right now for another disney dayyy

Day #10: Your favorite original character

I didn't really have to think that hard about this one, my favourites are Mickey and Minnie Mouse. 

You've got to love them, they are kinda how this whole thing started! Plus cutest couple ever huh!
I also love Donald and Daisy Duck :)

Bit of a short catch up today but I got lotsa work to do for uni, (kinda what the title of this post is about) so i have to skidaddle, but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel of copious amounts of uni work as I am yet another day closer to going off on my big journey. <3

Goodbye and I'll see you very soon!

Have a magical day x

Monday, 17 September 2012

Don't be such a guppy.

Hello everyone!

So today is the day when a couple of my friends are going to have their own interviews for the internship that begins in August 2013! Good luck to both of my friends Rachel and Sinead oh and Teri! :). 

Also today I received in the post my tattoo cover up!
I bought this product called dermablend leg and body cover, and to my surprise (and to my moms delight :P) it actually works!

So heres before .....

And after!

Its a little bit raised where the actual tattoo is but apart from that its pretty much not there! 

Day #9: Your favorite couple

Okay I'm not really sure I can choose. 
I like them all and they are all so different but suite each other so well hmmmmm. 

I thinkkkk
Ellie and Carl are my favourites 

Buuuttt I also loveeee ...
Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder

Belle and the Beast

and Ariel and Eric

haha :P soo theres my choices!
yes there are many, but come on ... could you choose?


Have a magical day!
Goodbye for now x

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.

Hellooo again!

So I've had a new email from disney talking about insurance plans, to be honest I have no idea what the whole thing is about soo I'm just gunna leave it a little while, probably till after my visa gets approved! Fingers crosseddd! But so far its looking like $70 US dollars a month for medical insurance in America, which considering, really isn't that bad!

I'm seriously getting excited now! University had nearly finished, only one more month then a couple of months working and saving and I'm on my way! AHHHHHH! So as you can tell I'm getting very distracted from my uni work with planning for America :P. Plus a couple of my friends are now going to interview next week to join the program in August next year soo doubly exciting!!
I'm also getting a little nervous too! I've left the country and been on planes many times, but never on my own, and I've never spent a long time away from my family! Good job they are coming over for my 21st next year! 

Right here we aree!

Day #8: Your favorite villain

Sleeping Beauty is one of my all time favourite Disney films so I have to say that Maleficent has to be one of the best villains ever! The mistress of allllll evil!

She is just so evil, you've gotta love to hate her, the voice, the look just everything she scared me so much when I was little, I used to hide when she came on! She basically casts a spell on Aurora so that she will die on her 16th birthday just because she didn't get invited to the party! Evilllll I'm telling ya, she gets in the way of Prince Phillip and tries to stop him every step of the way, and she even turns into a dragon! How much more evil can ya get! Anyway love to hate her, oooh gurl you nasty!

There are so many great villains its hard to choose, here are another few who I love.


Mother Gothel


Anyways! Until next time lovelies! I'm going to have a disney movie marathon eeeep!
Have a magical day x

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Someday my prince will come ...

Hey guys,

So I'm sitting here at uni waiting for a couple of people to meet up with me and I was thinking what better to do whilst waiting for what feels like forever than tell ya'll what I'm up to :P

So booked accommodation in LA yipeee! and that was $40 soo really so far I haven't spent all that much money for flights and accommodation which I'm really happy about!
Also I've bought my tattoo cover up! For those of you who don't know I have two tattoos one on my foot and another on my ribs, and for disney there is a strict no tattoo policy as it doesn't fit in with the disney look. Soooo I've bought some Dermablend leg and body concealer which will hopefully do the trick if I need to hide my tattoos at any point in time :). And that was only $30 from ebay! When on the NZ sites it was like $50, bonusss! 

Day #7: Your favorite sidekick

Why you so hard to choose! haha


I love Jaq and Gus from Cinderella!

Soo cute, Jaq is like the leader and Gus is slow but he's always there in the end! They help Cinderella and ultimately pave her way to the ball to dance with the prince and slip into the glass slipper to be together for ever. I just have a thing for chubby little animals, they just so adorable :). 

Goodbye for now :)
Have a magical day! x

Monday, 3 September 2012

Curiosity often leads to trouble.

Hii everyone!

Only 123 days to go until I fly out! and 126 days till I officially start my adventure at Disneyworld!

I've ticked another couple of things off my list! Booked accommodation in Orlando for the 7th and the 8th  and in the process of booking for LA for the one night before our flight to Orlando! Yippeeee! Even more exciting now! Just waiting waiting for some more information from the disney folks. 
I've started up a record of how much I've spent so far just to give you a bit of an idea of how much it will cost all up!

Day #6: Your favorite animal

This is so so tough because I loveeee them all!
Hmmm hmm hmmm.
Okay I pick three!

1. Dumbooo!

Ohhh he's so cute! Elephants are my favourite animals anyway sooo I just wanna cuddle them. I love his big ears and how could you not love him. 

2. Copper and Todd

Okay I know that's two but meh who cares! Loveeee this film Fox and the Hound is one of my favourites and it reminds me of one of my very best friends. They are so cute, and of course stay friends forever :).

3. Flower

What a cutie! Such a funny animal and character. And of course he has a pretty name for a skunk :P

That's all for now :) Hopefully by next time I post I'll have heard something from the disney side and I'll have gotten a few more things sorted! 

Have a magical day! x

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Then I'll brush and brush and brush and brush my hair ...


And welcome to my new ombre hairrr!

Wahoo! Seen as I'll have to go au naturelle for disneyworld I decided I'd start at it! Butt i didn't wanna be super boring and just get it brown all over because I'm going to have that for a whole year :\ soo I decided to be a little more exciting! Ohh la laa! And I love it :)

So here we go carrying on with 30 days of disney heres number 5!

Day #5: Your favorite hero

Hmmm hmm hmm. Favourite disney hero .......

Gotta love a bit of Marlin from Finding Nemo!

He's pretty awesome! He travels around the ocean and stops at nothing to find Nemo, which to be honest isn't that what everyone would want if they got taken away! Sounds like a pretty cool dad to me! Also he's relatable and reminds everyone of their parents which is nice :). So there ya have it my favourite disney hero is a fish! :D 

I have no more news on the disney front so hopefully I'll get some more info soon! Trying to sort out accommodation for L.A and Orlando with a couple of other cast memebers. Times going so fast and I'm getting so excited :D 


Have a magical day :D x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Keep moving forward!

Not much has happened since my last post, I've got my background check done, student status form is done and booked my flights, so now I've basically just got to wait for my visa documents to come through and get that done, and book some accommodation! Oh and insurance and all that shiz. I've been reading all the August cast members blogs who have just arrived in America and are starting their first days at Disneyworld! It's so exciting, I'm a teeny bit jealous that I'm not there with them but as like many other people I have to finish this last semester, so like the title of this post, the only thing to do is "KEEP MOVING FORWARD!"

On an un-disney related note I've started going to the gym again, take that winter comfort food! Healthy eating is the way to go, and plus I need to get started now otherwise when I get to America I'm going to become the size of a hippo! So many yummy treats, I'll just have to have them in small doses so as I don't turn into a chunky monkey. :)

Drum Roll please ......

Day #4. Your favourite prince

I love love love Disney Prince's, they are all so lovely and I think sometimes they are a bit underrated. My favourite prince has got to be Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty!

He's the first disney prince to have a real name! Hes handsome and brave, but also fairly easy going. Isn't that what everybody wants! Also he fights the bad guy (Maleficent) with a sword and wins a kiss for Princess Aurora and awakes her from her sleep and they live happily ever after. Perfect love story, the guy fights for the girl and gives her a true loves kiss to save her. This is why he is my favourite prince. 

On another un-disney related note, I have to start getting my hair sorted for disney, at the moment I get it highlighted all over blonde, this is cheap for me as my mom is a hairdresser and I get it done for freeeeeee! 

Which is awesome, butttt when I get to America I don't really think my mom is going to fly over every 3-4 weeks (as much as she'd like to) to do my hair, sooo I've got to get it back to its natural mousy brown colour, (as per disney look regulations you have to have a natural hair colour). Sooo I was thinking of going ombre, brown at the top going into blonde at the bottom .... like this? Maybe?

Well I'll let you know how it goes :P

Have a magical day! x

Monday, 6 August 2012

But, Mother, I don't want to grow up!

I've been feeling very much like Wendy this week! I think that I should go off to Neverland and chill with Peter Pan and never grow up, this whole uni thing is stressful! 
More Progress has been made! Wahoo! I have now booked my flight from LA to Orlando!
Sooo I leave the 6th stay overnight in LA and leave for Orlando on the 7th at 8am! Hopefully that will help with any jetlag I may have! 

I finally got my assignment done, after much stress! (After effects is so difficult) and worked all weekend and week, although i did get  $100 tip on saturday night! Wahooo! I cannot wait for this semester to end so that I can get started on this disney journey of mine!

Anywayy after that little update , day 3 of the disney challenge!

Day #3: Your favorite heroine

I'm going to have to say my favourite disney heroine is Mulan.

She basically disguises herself as a man and becomes a warrior, to save her dad from going into war. Eventually she helps to save the Imperial City, shes fearless and brave and basically a real warrior, which is awesome. Also she sacrifices herself for her family, which is pretty cool!

I'm going to see Magic Mike this week will a few of the girlies, for my dose of channing tatum :)! 
Why is it that all the good looking guys are in America and married! Hmmphh!

Have a magical day! x