Sunday, 14 October 2012

With a smile and a song


Well just to begin, last week was the worst week everr!!! So this week I am dedicated to making it awesome, so with a smile and a song I'll start this week and everything will be great :). 

I have to get my passport sent off today, I am honestly going to do it ... stupid memory forgetting important things I need to do! I don't appreciate it.
Only 4 more assignments left for university EVER I am so excited! Aaaaaannnddd only 83 days till I jet off to Florida for my amazing year that is going to be at the happiest place on earth Ohhhhhhh my goodness, excited isn't even the word, have to say though I'm also a lil nervous at this point, god knows how I'm going to feel on the day! 
It will be a mix between this ....

Annnddd this ...

Hahaa oh dear :P. 

Right well before I go and post off for my passport (yes I will do it today), I'll do another disney day .

Day #12: Your favorite love song

Oohh disney love songs :). Now I don't know what you guys like but when I fall in love I'm expecting a disney love song as the theme tune playing in my head haha. 

So my favourite I have to say isssss

Tangled - I see the light 
Aww I love this song, I think Tangled has become my most favourite disney movie and this song is just so cute and I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO Me :P.

Soo anyways! Until next time when HOPEFULLY I have recieved my visa forms and welcome pack from disney (*please please please*) haha.
Goodbye and have a magical day :) x

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