Monday, 24 September 2012

I know every mile, will be worth my while.


I recieved an URGENT EMAIL this morning from disney saying that my start date is now the 8th of January not the 9th! Good job I booked my flights so that I land in Orlando on the 7th phewwwww! So it is now 94 days till I start the program wooop!
Apart from that I'm just waiting for them to send me visa info and all that jazz, so it's basically just a waiting game for me ..... me no likey. 

Ohh just an update on how much I've saved up to this point also, a big $2300! Considering I've never actually saved anything in my life this is a massive achievement! Go me! :) Atleast I've got something sorted in the way of money.

Right now for another disney dayyy

Day #10: Your favorite original character

I didn't really have to think that hard about this one, my favourites are Mickey and Minnie Mouse. 

You've got to love them, they are kinda how this whole thing started! Plus cutest couple ever huh!
I also love Donald and Daisy Duck :)

Bit of a short catch up today but I got lotsa work to do for uni, (kinda what the title of this post is about) so i have to skidaddle, but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel of copious amounts of uni work as I am yet another day closer to going off on my big journey. <3

Goodbye and I'll see you very soon!

Have a magical day x

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  1. yay abbie! $2300 is heaps of cash monies yo. well done! we are now one week into our 2 week waiting game for finding out if we get in or not. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!