Friday, 28 December 2012

There ain't nothing gunna stop me now, cause I'm almost there.

Helloooo again!

Hope everyone had an amazing christmas I know I did! Apart from having to work on the morning the rest of my christmas was great and the 3 days off I had were bliss, I even managed to buy all the things I needed and even start a little on packing. However this is now what my room looks like because of the packing ....

All I can say is .. Ooops? haha

Well I didn't think I had that many clothes but apparently my wardrobe told me different as I chucked it all over the bed and floor. I've now given up with just half my case packed ... no idea how I'm going to fit everything in .... I'll figure it out!

Day #21: Favourite sequel

Hmmm well. I have to say the Toy Story sequels are one of my favourites! I think Toy Story is so funny and the sequels are as good, which usually sequels aren't. But I do happen to love these ones. 

And Bullseye is the cutest :).

Well with only 8 days to go I am all sorted apart from the packing so it is getting ridiculously exciting now! I have my last day at work on the 2nd a bbq with the fambam and friends on the 4th then off the Auckland on the 5th to be ready to go to the airport in the morning of the 6th. Wow! Time is going to go so fast now because I am working half of it! 

Well until next time and I'll hopefully have a packing list or something for all of youuu that would like to knowww (Sinead and Rachel :P).

Have a magical day! x

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