Thursday, 23 August 2012

Then I'll brush and brush and brush and brush my hair ...


And welcome to my new ombre hairrr!

Wahoo! Seen as I'll have to go au naturelle for disneyworld I decided I'd start at it! Butt i didn't wanna be super boring and just get it brown all over because I'm going to have that for a whole year :\ soo I decided to be a little more exciting! Ohh la laa! And I love it :)

So here we go carrying on with 30 days of disney heres number 5!

Day #5: Your favorite hero

Hmmm hmm hmm. Favourite disney hero .......

Gotta love a bit of Marlin from Finding Nemo!

He's pretty awesome! He travels around the ocean and stops at nothing to find Nemo, which to be honest isn't that what everyone would want if they got taken away! Sounds like a pretty cool dad to me! Also he's relatable and reminds everyone of their parents which is nice :). So there ya have it my favourite disney hero is a fish! :D 

I have no more news on the disney front so hopefully I'll get some more info soon! Trying to sort out accommodation for L.A and Orlando with a couple of other cast memebers. Times going so fast and I'm getting so excited :D 


Have a magical day :D x

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