Tuesday, 31 July 2012

To infinity and beyond!

Helloooo USA ..... on the 6th of January :P

Taa daaaa! I've booked my flights to LA! WOOOHOOO! And bonus, I'm gunna be flying with two other cast members as well so I won't be so lost! Bonus number 2! I only had to pay $1180 for a one way ticket to LA and its looking like only $320 to connect to Orlando so all up not too shabby! It's getting more and more real now :)
Im soo excitedddd woop woop! Heres a picture of me and my dog being excited (Tilly looks a lil bit more confused than excited but what the heck :) )

Now we've just gotta sort accomodation for the night in LA and in Orlando. Easy peasy. Getting all these things ready just makes it a whole lot more exciting :). 

On the downside... STUPID UNI ASSIGNMENT GET OUT OF MY LIFE! Whatever I'm doing to After effects is not working and I'm just getting annoyed and giving up. Plus I have no free time with work and driving over to uni and more work :P. I just need a little pick me up .... 

And todays challenge isssss ......

Day two: Your favourite princess

They are all so wonderful how could I chose! However I have to say Rapunzel is definately at the top of my favourites. She's so playful and daring but also naive, and she finally takes a leap into independence and I think it's good to relate to. I've watched Tangled a million times over and I love it, and as you can see from my blog design I may have become a lil bit obsessed :). 

Although Belle is pretty cool too :)
Wouldn't it be fun to be a Disney Princess! I would love to be one!

Until next time :)
Have a magical day! x

Saturday, 28 July 2012

I'm a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this.

First things first, flights have become unchecked. Turns out the quote that the travel broker gave me was to the wrong airport, so now she's found new ones to the right airport but there is only 2 hours for me to collect all my shiz and go through customs and catch the flight from LA to Orlando. Bleurghhhh. Sooo I'm a lilll disappointed about that because I thought I had atleast one thing checked off. 

HOWEVERRR! Got my background check back so all I've got to do now is scan it and send it off to yummy jobs :). And there you have it! Wham bam thankyou mam I've checked something off my very long list of things to do. 

Aaaaaanyway :) Soo I'm starting this whole 30 days of disney thaang so here goes!

Day 1: Your favourite character

This was such a hard one because over the years its changed everytime a new movie comes out and everytime I re watch all the other movies but I think my favourite is probably Eeyore!

He's such a cutie, I just wanna give him a big cuddle all the time because he's so down. Plus I've got many many eeyore stuffed toys and a cute eeyore mug :) and I used to have this cool Winnie the Pooh book when I was little. Lil bit obsessed ..... Not too much though!
But I do have lots of favourites cause every character has a lil something special about them :). Next favourite may be Dopey.
I think that one kinda speaks for itself.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Your heart will fly on wings, forever.

Next steps .....

Seen as I'm now officially going to be a working cast member at Disney World next year I've got to get a few things sorted out before I leave:

- Flights - check!
- Background Check
- Student Status form
- Visa
- Insurance
- Pay fees for disney (accommodation, program fee etc)
- Other stuff I can't remember right now

So far ....

1. Sooo I've been looking for flights, and found one with Quantas for the 7th of January for $1687, one way! That's been the cheapest I've been quoted so far so definately snatching these up! Hopefully someone else takes these flights as well and I'll have a travel buddy, I won't really mind being by myself while I wait between flights, apart from I don't really like flights and I'm kinda scared of getting lost in airports and missing flights ahhhh.
Other than that I think I'd be okay flying by myself ... :D

2. Sent my request for a background check by regular mail instead of email so I've gotta wait for that to come back in "10 working days" and then send that off to yummy jobs.
3. Student status form I need to get signed and send to disney so I'll hopefully remember this next week.
4. As well as these things I have uni assignments to do, which I personally am not looking forward to at all (seen as I have to learn how to use a fancy camera and a whole new computer editing software and do my assignment by next friday ...... fudge). 

Ohhhh and another thing! Sold my car today so can pay for my flights once the cheque is cashed BOOYAA! Also seen as I'm a lil depressed about assignments today I thought I'd do the Disney Challenge :). I saw it on a fellow cast members blog so thought I'd join in the fun!

So here it is!

Day #1: Your favorite character
Day #2: Your favorite princess
Day #3: Your favorite heroine
Day #4: Your favorite prince
Day #5: Your favorite hero
Day #6: Your favorite animal
Day #7: Your favorite sidekick
Day #8: Your favorite villain
Day #9: Your favorite couple
Day #10: Your favorite original character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc.)
Day #11: Your favorite song
Day #12: Your favorite love song
Day #13: Your favorite villain song
Day #14: Your least favorite song
Day #15: Your favorite kiss
Day #16: The first movie you saw
Day #17: Your favorite classic
Day #18: Your least favorite classic
Day #19: Your favorite Pixar film
Day #20: Your least favorite Pixar film
Day #21: Favorite sequel
Day #22: An overrated movie
Day #23: An underrated movie
Day #24: A movie that makes you laugh
Day #25: A movie that makes you cry
Day #26: Your favorite scene from your favorite movie
Day #27: Saddest death
Day #28: Your favorite quote
Day #29: Your favorite castle
Day #30: Your favorite Magical Object

I'll start with number one in my next post :) YAY!


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

When you wish upon a star ...

The first time I went to Disney World was when I was 9, and it was the most magical experience I'd ever had. Since then I have been twice more, so needless to say I'm a bit obsessed with everything Disney, and I've been wishing to go back there ever since I left. So what better way to go back to Disney World than to apply for an internship to work there! 

So whilst I was sitting there pondering about what the hell I'm going to do after university, I was looking at disney parks on the internet and saw that you could apply to work there as an intern in a program called the Disney International Program :O, so obviously I started freaking out and got really excited that I could maybe get the chance to not only visit Disney World again but get to work there! So I emailed the recruiting service, who got back to me pretty quickly with dates of presentations for Australia/New Zealand in May 2012.

Fast forward to presentation day, so my friends Rachel, Teri and Sinead and I road tripped up to Auckland to attend the presentation. From the minute I sat down I was sold that I wanted to work there, and hoped I'd get a chance.
They interviewed me that night, and I was really nervous and felt like I blabbered on about things and didn't really say some things I meant to and forgot to ask questions I wanted to, so overall I was fuhhhreaking out about the outcome. 

BUT! Lo and behold, I got an email at the end of May ...

YAYYYYY! I read the first word and screamed because I was so excited (everyone heard me screaming from upstairs and thought I'd seen a spider), then went upstairs to tell my flat mate Sinead that I'd got in and we started jumping round the room. 

YAYYYY :D I get to work at Walt Disney World! I've been offered the roles of merchandise and operations and I start on the 9th of January and stay for a whole 12 months!

So I'm writing this blog to keep all the memories and to share them all with my family and friends while I'm over in America.
I've only got one semester left of uni (very happy about this), and started trying to save some dolla dolla bills so I'll post everytime something exciting happens :)

P.S. Big thanks to Sinead who designed this whole blog layout (I'm not very good with the whole html thing) so you should probably check out her blog!

Have a magical day! x