Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Just keep swimming.

Hello everyone! 
Been a while since I update y'alll!
But pretty much all I've been doing is working! 
I had my first shift by myself yesterday which was fine :D No problems and I only have a couple days of training left in Strollers (renting prams and wheelchairs etc) and Glow cart (a cart at night that sells light up stuff :D). And then I am officially trained in everything!
I've had pretty good shifts so far everyone is so nice and helpful so its going really well!

Ohh me and my roomies went to Animal Kingdom which was so much fun, buttttt we dressed for 27 degree weather which turned into like 10 degrees windy and a bit of rain. So we were freezing the whole day in shorts and singlets. Eeeep! Its been so hot and all of a sudden went really cold :\. Unpredictable winter days in Orlando my friends! 

Heres some pictures :D. Including lots of selfies :P.

This photo with Tigger is definately my favourite :P.

Soo yeah thats basically what I've been up to so far! Hopefully I do something a little more fun next week so yeah :P. 
Updates soon!
Have a magical day! xxxx

Monday, 14 January 2013

All our wishes will come true.

Hello :)

So where do I start! Its been a busy busy week.
Traditions ....
So we caught the bus at 6.45 (bleurghhh) and got to Disney University and sat in class until about 1.
We took a tour under Magic Kingdom and then went and saw the castle!
I recieved my name badge :D! It was quite a long day but seeing the castle and getting the badge made up for it. 
That night we went to CiCis Pizza where we got all you can eat pizza and a drink! Which is awesome and it was really good too!

The day after me and my roomies went to Magic Kingdom! It was great! Here is a few pictures....

It was such a great day filled with lots of giggles, eating and excitement!

Yesterday (which was Sunday) we all basically did nothing :P haha! Slept in and didn't get dressed till about 12 noon! Then we went for dinner at Planet Hollywood, which was really really good ... and probably the only "real" food I've had throughout my whole time of being here .... oops :D. 

Ohh I haven't even told you where I'm working yet :P
So I'm working at Epcot :D and I'm doing merchandising! So far I've only had my introduction and recieved my training costume so in the next couple of weeks I can let you know more about it :D. I have my first day of training tomorrow so wish me luck!!

Heres a couple more disney days ...

Day #24: A movie that makes you laugh
Day #25: A movie that makes you cry

Ohhhh a movie that makes me laugh .... I'm going to have to say Princess and The Frog is pretty funny and also I always have a giggle at The Muppets and The Incredibles. :) well that turned into 3 movies not just one!

Movies that make me cry ... Dumbo is number one. Baby Mine I just can't stop crying in, tears just be rolling down my face without even realising. Brother Bear makes me cry too oh and of course Up. How could you not cry at Up, poor Mr Fredrickson! 

Anyways I'll catch you guys up real soon and hope you have a magical day xx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Your talent makes you who you are

Hey everyone!

So I've now settled into my apartment in Vista Way! I have 5 other girls living with me which is exciting! I'm sharing my room with another girl from Tauranga (coincidence!) and so far its going really well! I got to check in yesterday and they gave me an itinerary for the next few days I got my housing ID (which isnt the most flattering photo) and I moved into apartment 2 in block 34 :).
After meeting my roomie Caitlin we went to Walmart to get all our bed stuff ...... It is huge. It literally has everything from TV's to groceries, to car parts and make up. Its ridiculous. So anyway got all our stuff which only came to $122 which was bed stuff towels, cosmetics and food! Which is pretty cheap! 

Heres what my bed looks like >

And here is our room :)! Pretty cute huh!

So today I have a housing orientation then hopefully I'll go and buy a phone ( it is really weird being without one at the moment!) and chill out with my roommates! 

Here is another couple of disney day challengessss, I'm just going to do 2 at a time :).

Day #22: An overrated movie
Day #23: An underrated movie

Hmmm I think overrated movies are the High School Musical's. Yes I mean all of them. I dunno why but I just don't really enjoy them apart from looking at Zac Efron :).

An underrated movie is probably The Emperors New Groove, I loveee this film I think its hilarious! It is rarely mentioned. Oh and also Oliver and Company, if you've seen this you'll know which one I''m talking about. I love it :). Ohhh ohh and Brother Bear. I LOVE that movie, so so cute! 

Well any way I best be off to get ready for my day!
Talk sooon!
Have a magical day xx

Monday, 7 January 2013

Just a spoonful of sugar!

I arrriveeddddd! Yippeeeee
After a 3 hour flight to Fiji, waiting for 6 hours in the tiny airport (with no air conditioning might I add) and a 9 hour flight to LA, (a night in LA which we basically slept and ate) then a 4 hour flight to Orlando we finallyyyyyyyy got to the hotel! Wahooo. Had a big ass meal at AppleBees had a dip in the poool and now we are chilling in our room (6 of us). 

My leaving party was such a cool night we had chinese lanterns, fireworks, cupcakes, cranium a few cheeky drinks and good company.  Here is some photos of the night :).

Tomorrow we have to go to check in to our apartments so I'll give you an update on that when I'm all settled :).
Well it's all started now it doesn't really feel as if I'm in America at the moment, (probably because all I think I've done so far is sleep and eat and fly), but I'm sure tomorrow it will all feel like my adventure is really beginning.

Well I'll update you when I'm all settled in my apartment!
Hope you guys have an awesome day xx

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Now's when my life begins!

Hey everyone!

So it is literally 2 days until I get on a plane to the happiest place on earth! Crazy I know, I haven't really had time to freak out about it though because I only finished work on wednesday then got straight into packing .... again. And this is what it looked like ....

Packing round 2!

I pretty much took over the lounge and spread everything out haha. 
But it did work in the end I am now officially packed all ready!

My packing list goes like this :

Main big case:
- Jeans
- Jumpers/Cardis
- Singlets
- T-shirts
- Shorts
- Dresses
- Business Attire (for traditions I have 2 sets just incase)
- PJ's!
- Bikinis
- Bras and undies
- Socks
- Shoes : 2 x flip flops
                 1 x vans
                 1 x casual shoes (ballet flats)
                 1 x converse
                 2 x heels (one wedges)
- All my medicine (hayfever stuff etc.)
- An adaptor
- Hairdryer

Carry on :
- Couple of tops and pair of jeans
- Couple of bras and undies
- Straighteners
- Comfy joggers
- Make up/ Cosmestics (mini shampoo and conditioner, mini toothpaste, deodrant)
- Hairbrush/ comb
- Camera 
- Laptop
- Purse
- Pens
- Sunglasses
- Passport (with visa stamp)
- Disney welcome pack
- Insurance ID card and everything that has been sent to me in an email
- Disney employment agreement 
- Every piece of paper I have recieved

So thats pretty much a year of my life in a suitcase!
If you are doing the program I recommend keeping everything disney sends you and insurance documents etc in one big folder so that there is no chance of you losing anything. :)

I'm taking over $200 USD and I have about $6700 in savings so I think that's pretty good!!

Anyways best be off to get all this last minute stuff ready so I'll update very soon!

Have a magical day! xx