Monday, 3 September 2012

Curiosity often leads to trouble.

Hii everyone!

Only 123 days to go until I fly out! and 126 days till I officially start my adventure at Disneyworld!

I've ticked another couple of things off my list! Booked accommodation in Orlando for the 7th and the 8th  and in the process of booking for LA for the one night before our flight to Orlando! Yippeeee! Even more exciting now! Just waiting waiting for some more information from the disney folks. 
I've started up a record of how much I've spent so far just to give you a bit of an idea of how much it will cost all up!

Day #6: Your favorite animal

This is so so tough because I loveeee them all!
Hmmm hmm hmmm.
Okay I pick three!

1. Dumbooo!

Ohhh he's so cute! Elephants are my favourite animals anyway sooo I just wanna cuddle them. I love his big ears and how could you not love him. 

2. Copper and Todd

Okay I know that's two but meh who cares! Loveeee this film Fox and the Hound is one of my favourites and it reminds me of one of my very best friends. They are so cute, and of course stay friends forever :).

3. Flower

What a cutie! Such a funny animal and character. And of course he has a pretty name for a skunk :P

That's all for now :) Hopefully by next time I post I'll have heard something from the disney side and I'll have gotten a few more things sorted! 

Have a magical day! x

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