Tuesday, 11 December 2012

If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?

Hello everyone!

So yesterday I went and got my visa! I went to the interview at 9am on the 11th and recieved my visa today in the post! So quick! 
Well anyway, I'll let you know exactly what I took to the interview. I took my DS2109 form, my academic transcript, my disney welcome package, a bank statement (as proof of funds), my receipt for my SEVIS fee and visa payment reciept, and my passports. 
They took from me the sevis and visa receipt, the DS2109 form, the online form I had completed my bank statement my passport my academic reference and one letter from disney.

So I got called up to the little interview window and it went a little something like this :

Me : Hiii!

American Visa Man : Hey, so you were born in England?

Me : Yes I was

American Visa Man : So one of your parents are kiwi?

Me : No I've been here 6 years now so I'm a citizen

American Visa Man : So what are you going to be doing at disneyworld?

Me : (I told him about the things I'd be doing)

American Visa Man : Okay well your visa will arrive in 2 to 3 days, and the only thing you have to do is make sure you tell all your friends about this and make sure you do the haka when you get there. Have a good day!

Me : Thankyouuuuu! Byee!

So it was really easy, not nerve wracking at all! And now I have my visa all I have left to do is pay my insurance and program fee and pack (eurghhh).

Now onto another disney day...

Day #17: Your favorite classic

Oh man I love them all, but I do have a special love for Dumbo and Fox and the Hound. I loveeee these films, elephants are my favourite animal and that is obviously why I love Dumbo, and Fox and the Hound is just so cute and is such a good story of friendship I love it.

Pink elephantss!!!!

It is very hard not to love every single disney film! However I'm just going to put two days into one and tell you my Least Favourite Classic as well.
This is quite easy for me just because I get scared by this film. My least favourite is Pinocchio.

Ahh I just don't like puppets they really freak me out and this film does nothing to squash that fear! Plus theres a big scary whale and boys turn into donkeys like what!!! Just plain creepy. I just .. no .. no I don't like it haha. 

Well until next time!
Have a magical day! x

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  1. Figero (the cat) is the only good part about pinocchio :) Yay for Visas!