Thursday, 23 August 2012

Then I'll brush and brush and brush and brush my hair ...


And welcome to my new ombre hairrr!

Wahoo! Seen as I'll have to go au naturelle for disneyworld I decided I'd start at it! Butt i didn't wanna be super boring and just get it brown all over because I'm going to have that for a whole year :\ soo I decided to be a little more exciting! Ohh la laa! And I love it :)

So here we go carrying on with 30 days of disney heres number 5!

Day #5: Your favorite hero

Hmmm hmm hmm. Favourite disney hero .......

Gotta love a bit of Marlin from Finding Nemo!

He's pretty awesome! He travels around the ocean and stops at nothing to find Nemo, which to be honest isn't that what everyone would want if they got taken away! Sounds like a pretty cool dad to me! Also he's relatable and reminds everyone of their parents which is nice :). So there ya have it my favourite disney hero is a fish! :D 

I have no more news on the disney front so hopefully I'll get some more info soon! Trying to sort out accommodation for L.A and Orlando with a couple of other cast memebers. Times going so fast and I'm getting so excited :D 


Have a magical day :D x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Keep moving forward!

Not much has happened since my last post, I've got my background check done, student status form is done and booked my flights, so now I've basically just got to wait for my visa documents to come through and get that done, and book some accommodation! Oh and insurance and all that shiz. I've been reading all the August cast members blogs who have just arrived in America and are starting their first days at Disneyworld! It's so exciting, I'm a teeny bit jealous that I'm not there with them but as like many other people I have to finish this last semester, so like the title of this post, the only thing to do is "KEEP MOVING FORWARD!"

On an un-disney related note I've started going to the gym again, take that winter comfort food! Healthy eating is the way to go, and plus I need to get started now otherwise when I get to America I'm going to become the size of a hippo! So many yummy treats, I'll just have to have them in small doses so as I don't turn into a chunky monkey. :)

Drum Roll please ......

Day #4. Your favourite prince

I love love love Disney Prince's, they are all so lovely and I think sometimes they are a bit underrated. My favourite prince has got to be Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty!

He's the first disney prince to have a real name! Hes handsome and brave, but also fairly easy going. Isn't that what everybody wants! Also he fights the bad guy (Maleficent) with a sword and wins a kiss for Princess Aurora and awakes her from her sleep and they live happily ever after. Perfect love story, the guy fights for the girl and gives her a true loves kiss to save her. This is why he is my favourite prince. 

On another un-disney related note, I have to start getting my hair sorted for disney, at the moment I get it highlighted all over blonde, this is cheap for me as my mom is a hairdresser and I get it done for freeeeeee! 

Which is awesome, butttt when I get to America I don't really think my mom is going to fly over every 3-4 weeks (as much as she'd like to) to do my hair, sooo I've got to get it back to its natural mousy brown colour, (as per disney look regulations you have to have a natural hair colour). Sooo I was thinking of going ombre, brown at the top going into blonde at the bottom .... like this? Maybe?

Well I'll let you know how it goes :P

Have a magical day! x

Monday, 6 August 2012

But, Mother, I don't want to grow up!

I've been feeling very much like Wendy this week! I think that I should go off to Neverland and chill with Peter Pan and never grow up, this whole uni thing is stressful! 
More Progress has been made! Wahoo! I have now booked my flight from LA to Orlando!
Sooo I leave the 6th stay overnight in LA and leave for Orlando on the 7th at 8am! Hopefully that will help with any jetlag I may have! 

I finally got my assignment done, after much stress! (After effects is so difficult) and worked all weekend and week, although i did get  $100 tip on saturday night! Wahooo! I cannot wait for this semester to end so that I can get started on this disney journey of mine!

Anywayy after that little update , day 3 of the disney challenge!

Day #3: Your favorite heroine

I'm going to have to say my favourite disney heroine is Mulan.

She basically disguises herself as a man and becomes a warrior, to save her dad from going into war. Eventually she helps to save the Imperial City, shes fearless and brave and basically a real warrior, which is awesome. Also she sacrifices herself for her family, which is pretty cool!

I'm going to see Magic Mike this week will a few of the girlies, for my dose of channing tatum :)! 
Why is it that all the good looking guys are in America and married! Hmmphh!

Have a magical day! x