Thursday, 1 November 2012

Even miracles take a little time.

Hello Again! 
Yep I know what your thinking, two posts in one day? Girrrrrrrl this better be important!

Well someone must have listened to my pleas for my passport because lo and behold .... dun dun dunnnn it has arrrivveeedddddd :).
Wahoo wahooo wahooo!

Annndddd I don't look like a criminal in my photo bonus!

Okay thats all it is :)
Important enough? :P

Have a magical day x


  1. Woohoo!! Mine should be at my house on Monday!! YAY for getting steps closer!!

  2. Yussss for not looking like criminals! our old passports were pretty much a thug (me) and the grim reaper (you) ahahahaha

    1. Haha soooooo true! So now ive got a normal NZ looking passport and my death warmed up english passport hahah