Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.

Hellooo again!

So I've had a new email from disney talking about insurance plans, to be honest I have no idea what the whole thing is about soo I'm just gunna leave it a little while, probably till after my visa gets approved! Fingers crosseddd! But so far its looking like $70 US dollars a month for medical insurance in America, which considering, really isn't that bad!

I'm seriously getting excited now! University had nearly finished, only one more month then a couple of months working and saving and I'm on my way! AHHHHHH! So as you can tell I'm getting very distracted from my uni work with planning for America :P. Plus a couple of my friends are now going to interview next week to join the program in August next year soo doubly exciting!!
I'm also getting a little nervous too! I've left the country and been on planes many times, but never on my own, and I've never spent a long time away from my family! Good job they are coming over for my 21st next year! 

Right here we aree!

Day #8: Your favorite villain

Sleeping Beauty is one of my all time favourite Disney films so I have to say that Maleficent has to be one of the best villains ever! The mistress of allllll evil!

She is just so evil, you've gotta love to hate her, the voice, the look just everything she scared me so much when I was little, I used to hide when she came on! She basically casts a spell on Aurora so that she will die on her 16th birthday just because she didn't get invited to the party! Evilllll I'm telling ya, she gets in the way of Prince Phillip and tries to stop him every step of the way, and she even turns into a dragon! How much more evil can ya get! Anyway love to hate her, oooh gurl you nasty!

There are so many great villains its hard to choose, here are another few who I love.


Mother Gothel


Anyways! Until next time lovelies! I'm going to have a disney movie marathon eeeep!
Have a magical day x

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  1. I think Mother Gothel is just the worst, the way she manipulates poor Rapunzel!

    Just Smile.