Thursday, 3 January 2013

Now's when my life begins!

Hey everyone!

So it is literally 2 days until I get on a plane to the happiest place on earth! Crazy I know, I haven't really had time to freak out about it though because I only finished work on wednesday then got straight into packing .... again. And this is what it looked like ....

Packing round 2!

I pretty much took over the lounge and spread everything out haha. 
But it did work in the end I am now officially packed all ready!

My packing list goes like this :

Main big case:
- Jeans
- Jumpers/Cardis
- Singlets
- T-shirts
- Shorts
- Dresses
- Business Attire (for traditions I have 2 sets just incase)
- PJ's!
- Bikinis
- Bras and undies
- Socks
- Shoes : 2 x flip flops
                 1 x vans
                 1 x casual shoes (ballet flats)
                 1 x converse
                 2 x heels (one wedges)
- All my medicine (hayfever stuff etc.)
- An adaptor
- Hairdryer

Carry on :
- Couple of tops and pair of jeans
- Couple of bras and undies
- Straighteners
- Comfy joggers
- Make up/ Cosmestics (mini shampoo and conditioner, mini toothpaste, deodrant)
- Hairbrush/ comb
- Camera 
- Laptop
- Purse
- Pens
- Sunglasses
- Passport (with visa stamp)
- Disney welcome pack
- Insurance ID card and everything that has been sent to me in an email
- Disney employment agreement 
- Every piece of paper I have recieved

So thats pretty much a year of my life in a suitcase!
If you are doing the program I recommend keeping everything disney sends you and insurance documents etc in one big folder so that there is no chance of you losing anything. :)

I'm taking over $200 USD and I have about $6700 in savings so I think that's pretty good!!

Anyways best be off to get all this last minute stuff ready so I'll update very soon!

Have a magical day! xx

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