Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Your talent makes you who you are

Hey everyone!

So I've now settled into my apartment in Vista Way! I have 5 other girls living with me which is exciting! I'm sharing my room with another girl from Tauranga (coincidence!) and so far its going really well! I got to check in yesterday and they gave me an itinerary for the next few days I got my housing ID (which isnt the most flattering photo) and I moved into apartment 2 in block 34 :).
After meeting my roomie Caitlin we went to Walmart to get all our bed stuff ...... It is huge. It literally has everything from TV's to groceries, to car parts and make up. Its ridiculous. So anyway got all our stuff which only came to $122 which was bed stuff towels, cosmetics and food! Which is pretty cheap! 

Heres what my bed looks like >

And here is our room :)! Pretty cute huh!

So today I have a housing orientation then hopefully I'll go and buy a phone ( it is really weird being without one at the moment!) and chill out with my roommates! 

Here is another couple of disney day challengessss, I'm just going to do 2 at a time :).

Day #22: An overrated movie
Day #23: An underrated movie

Hmmm I think overrated movies are the High School Musical's. Yes I mean all of them. I dunno why but I just don't really enjoy them apart from looking at Zac Efron :).

An underrated movie is probably The Emperors New Groove, I loveee this film I think its hilarious! It is rarely mentioned. Oh and also Oliver and Company, if you've seen this you'll know which one I''m talking about. I love it :). Ohhh ohh and Brother Bear. I LOVE that movie, so so cute! 

Well any way I best be off to get ready for my day!
Talk sooon!
Have a magical day xx

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