Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Just keep swimming.

Hello everyone! 
Been a while since I update y'alll!
But pretty much all I've been doing is working! 
I had my first shift by myself yesterday which was fine :D No problems and I only have a couple days of training left in Strollers (renting prams and wheelchairs etc) and Glow cart (a cart at night that sells light up stuff :D). And then I am officially trained in everything!
I've had pretty good shifts so far everyone is so nice and helpful so its going really well!

Ohh me and my roomies went to Animal Kingdom which was so much fun, buttttt we dressed for 27 degree weather which turned into like 10 degrees windy and a bit of rain. So we were freezing the whole day in shorts and singlets. Eeeep! Its been so hot and all of a sudden went really cold :\. Unpredictable winter days in Orlando my friends! 

Heres some pictures :D. Including lots of selfies :P.

This photo with Tigger is definately my favourite :P.

Soo yeah thats basically what I've been up to so far! Hopefully I do something a little more fun next week so yeah :P. 
Updates soon!
Have a magical day! xxxx

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