Monday, 14 January 2013

All our wishes will come true.

Hello :)

So where do I start! Its been a busy busy week.
Traditions ....
So we caught the bus at 6.45 (bleurghhh) and got to Disney University and sat in class until about 1.
We took a tour under Magic Kingdom and then went and saw the castle!
I recieved my name badge :D! It was quite a long day but seeing the castle and getting the badge made up for it. 
That night we went to CiCis Pizza where we got all you can eat pizza and a drink! Which is awesome and it was really good too!

The day after me and my roomies went to Magic Kingdom! It was great! Here is a few pictures....

It was such a great day filled with lots of giggles, eating and excitement!

Yesterday (which was Sunday) we all basically did nothing :P haha! Slept in and didn't get dressed till about 12 noon! Then we went for dinner at Planet Hollywood, which was really really good ... and probably the only "real" food I've had throughout my whole time of being here .... oops :D. 

Ohh I haven't even told you where I'm working yet :P
So I'm working at Epcot :D and I'm doing merchandising! So far I've only had my introduction and recieved my training costume so in the next couple of weeks I can let you know more about it :D. I have my first day of training tomorrow so wish me luck!!

Heres a couple more disney days ...

Day #24: A movie that makes you laugh
Day #25: A movie that makes you cry

Ohhhh a movie that makes me laugh .... I'm going to have to say Princess and The Frog is pretty funny and also I always have a giggle at The Muppets and The Incredibles. :) well that turned into 3 movies not just one!

Movies that make me cry ... Dumbo is number one. Baby Mine I just can't stop crying in, tears just be rolling down my face without even realising. Brother Bear makes me cry too oh and of course Up. How could you not cry at Up, poor Mr Fredrickson! 

Anyways I'll catch you guys up real soon and hope you have a magical day xx

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  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was my favourite ride at Disneyland but the week after we left it derailed and people died :/