Tuesday, 31 July 2012

To infinity and beyond!

Helloooo USA ..... on the 6th of January :P

Taa daaaa! I've booked my flights to LA! WOOOHOOO! And bonus, I'm gunna be flying with two other cast members as well so I won't be so lost! Bonus number 2! I only had to pay $1180 for a one way ticket to LA and its looking like only $320 to connect to Orlando so all up not too shabby! It's getting more and more real now :)
Im soo excitedddd woop woop! Heres a picture of me and my dog being excited (Tilly looks a lil bit more confused than excited but what the heck :) )

Now we've just gotta sort accomodation for the night in LA and in Orlando. Easy peasy. Getting all these things ready just makes it a whole lot more exciting :). 

On the downside... STUPID UNI ASSIGNMENT GET OUT OF MY LIFE! Whatever I'm doing to After effects is not working and I'm just getting annoyed and giving up. Plus I have no free time with work and driving over to uni and more work :P. I just need a little pick me up .... 

And todays challenge isssss ......

Day two: Your favourite princess

They are all so wonderful how could I chose! However I have to say Rapunzel is definately at the top of my favourites. She's so playful and daring but also naive, and she finally takes a leap into independence and I think it's good to relate to. I've watched Tangled a million times over and I love it, and as you can see from my blog design I may have become a lil bit obsessed :). 

Although Belle is pretty cool too :)
Wouldn't it be fun to be a Disney Princess! I would love to be one!

Until next time :)
Have a magical day! x

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I am so excited/ jealous that you will be working in Disney. We are leaving tonight for Disneyworld for the weekend. I also started the Disney challenge thanks to you....feel free to follow my blog.... NYTjerseygirl.blogspot.com!!!!