Tuesday, 24 July 2012

When you wish upon a star ...

The first time I went to Disney World was when I was 9, and it was the most magical experience I'd ever had. Since then I have been twice more, so needless to say I'm a bit obsessed with everything Disney, and I've been wishing to go back there ever since I left. So what better way to go back to Disney World than to apply for an internship to work there! 

So whilst I was sitting there pondering about what the hell I'm going to do after university, I was looking at disney parks on the internet and saw that you could apply to work there as an intern in a program called the Disney International Program :O, so obviously I started freaking out and got really excited that I could maybe get the chance to not only visit Disney World again but get to work there! So I emailed the recruiting service, who got back to me pretty quickly with dates of presentations for Australia/New Zealand in May 2012.

Fast forward to presentation day, so my friends Rachel, Teri and Sinead and I road tripped up to Auckland to attend the presentation. From the minute I sat down I was sold that I wanted to work there, and hoped I'd get a chance.
They interviewed me that night, and I was really nervous and felt like I blabbered on about things and didn't really say some things I meant to and forgot to ask questions I wanted to, so overall I was fuhhhreaking out about the outcome. 

BUT! Lo and behold, I got an email at the end of May ...

YAYYYYY! I read the first word and screamed because I was so excited (everyone heard me screaming from upstairs and thought I'd seen a spider), then went upstairs to tell my flat mate Sinead that I'd got in and we started jumping round the room. 

YAYYYY :D I get to work at Walt Disney World! I've been offered the roles of merchandise and operations and I start on the 9th of January and stay for a whole 12 months!

So I'm writing this blog to keep all the memories and to share them all with my family and friends while I'm over in America.
I've only got one semester left of uni (very happy about this), and started trying to save some dolla dolla bills so I'll post everytime something exciting happens :)

P.S. Big thanks to Sinead who designed this whole blog layout (I'm not very good with the whole html thing) so you should probably check out her blog!

Have a magical day! x

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