Monday, 6 August 2012

But, Mother, I don't want to grow up!

I've been feeling very much like Wendy this week! I think that I should go off to Neverland and chill with Peter Pan and never grow up, this whole uni thing is stressful! 
More Progress has been made! Wahoo! I have now booked my flight from LA to Orlando!
Sooo I leave the 6th stay overnight in LA and leave for Orlando on the 7th at 8am! Hopefully that will help with any jetlag I may have! 

I finally got my assignment done, after much stress! (After effects is so difficult) and worked all weekend and week, although i did get  $100 tip on saturday night! Wahooo! I cannot wait for this semester to end so that I can get started on this disney journey of mine!

Anywayy after that little update , day 3 of the disney challenge!

Day #3: Your favorite heroine

I'm going to have to say my favourite disney heroine is Mulan.

She basically disguises herself as a man and becomes a warrior, to save her dad from going into war. Eventually she helps to save the Imperial City, shes fearless and brave and basically a real warrior, which is awesome. Also she sacrifices herself for her family, which is pretty cool!

I'm going to see Magic Mike this week will a few of the girlies, for my dose of channing tatum :)! 
Why is it that all the good looking guys are in America and married! Hmmphh!

Have a magical day! x

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