Saturday, 28 July 2012

I'm a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this.

First things first, flights have become unchecked. Turns out the quote that the travel broker gave me was to the wrong airport, so now she's found new ones to the right airport but there is only 2 hours for me to collect all my shiz and go through customs and catch the flight from LA to Orlando. Bleurghhhh. Sooo I'm a lilll disappointed about that because I thought I had atleast one thing checked off. 

HOWEVERRR! Got my background check back so all I've got to do now is scan it and send it off to yummy jobs :). And there you have it! Wham bam thankyou mam I've checked something off my very long list of things to do. 

Aaaaaanyway :) Soo I'm starting this whole 30 days of disney thaang so here goes!

Day 1: Your favourite character

This was such a hard one because over the years its changed everytime a new movie comes out and everytime I re watch all the other movies but I think my favourite is probably Eeyore!

He's such a cutie, I just wanna give him a big cuddle all the time because he's so down. Plus I've got many many eeyore stuffed toys and a cute eeyore mug :) and I used to have this cool Winnie the Pooh book when I was little. Lil bit obsessed ..... Not too much though!
But I do have lots of favourites cause every character has a lil something special about them :). Next favourite may be Dopey.
I think that one kinda speaks for itself.


  1. Hii! Thanks for checking out my blog! It's so super exciting! the next five months for you will fly bye, it's crazy but super fun! xx Jess

  2. Aww, Eeyore is so adorable. I bought him on my trip to DL 2 yrs back - he sits above me on my bed head. :) Pity the flight tickets didn't go down well - but they'll be others to choose from!